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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Web Design skills

Web Designing skills

Some More Web Design skills

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

iPhone going down...

Seriously... Mark this date down.

iPhone is done. Why? No more innovation at Apple. Adding a row of apps and making a phone lighter... You call that exceptional?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Not Bad At All... The Nokia Lumia 710

I`d firstly like to clarify why phone reviews are important. We expect so much out of our smartphone nowadays. It`s not complicated. We want our smartphones to do everything that a computer does on-the-go, have no glitches and run super fast.

If there would be a cell phone that would be able to do all of that perfectly, I don`t think that there would be any phone reviews whatsoever. The point of reviewing a phone is mainly to point out what works and what doesn't. Also, there is such a thing as flagship phones. Apple has the iPhone 4s, Andorid has the Galaxy Nexus, Blackberry has the Bold.... These phones are at the heart of and operating system's main ideas, the buzz of all the marketing and the most expensive ones. So yes, I generally expect them to be much better. For a non-flagship phone, for instance the Blackberry Curve, it's kind of expected that it's not as fast and quick as the Bold; it's also 100$ less expensive.

To introduce you to another type of phone, I decided to review the new Nokia Lumia 710, which released in the U.S. last month and just last week in Canada. The phone costs around $250 without a contract, and compared to the iPhone at over $750, this is one hell of a bargain!

The phone itself is really quick. I played with it for a couple of hours and nothing glitched. It was extremely smooth, even more than I expected. The reason for this is the Windows Phone operating system, which I find simply fantastic. It's much more simple than Android. It took me 5 minutes to get familiar with it, but wow, what a difference. Multi-tasking is a breeze. I've had an Android for a while now and I still don't love the interface.

In terms of the Windows Phone software, it clearly competes with Apple's simplistic look. It's very simple, so I would recommend it to anyone who's not a supergeek, yet it's very trendy at the same time. Also, on the Lumia 710, you have access to a free GPS! I was astonished to hear that the GPS was free, but I actually tested it out and it's great. My friend then informed me that Nokia owns a GPS company, which explains it all.

The physical feeling of the phone is not quite up there, though. It's plastic, basically. However, very durable. I actually dropped it by mistake from 5 feet high and there were no scratches at all. But, for this aspect, nothing can presently beat an iPhone.

All in all, the Nokia 710 has a range of benefits that other phones in its price range simply do not. If you're looking for a cheap smartphone, this is probably your best bet.

If you like the whole interface and want something a bit better (For instance, a better camera, faster speeds, more memory, and so on), check out the Nokia Lumia 900, set to release very soon.

Here's a video review of the Nokia Lumia 710, courtesy of a friend at Phone Arena.

And yes, for the record, the phone is unlockable to work on ANY network in America using a SIM card.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Smartphone Killer, really? Uhm, No: The Samsung Galaxy Nexus

So a couple of months ago, when Samsung released the Galaxy Nexus, it was supposed to be the top of the line Android phone with that much-hyped Android 4.0 Operating System. When you think about it, those are incredible expectations, completely overblown. The Galaxy Nexus was supposed to show the world that Android is problem-free and basically show the maximum potential of an Android phone. Equipped with a brand new platform (The Android 4.0), the expectations were sky-high with the release of this phone. It was meant to be Android's best operating software with the best Android phone up to this day. Dear Samsung, you gave yourself one hell of a challenge. Did they succeed? On some things, yes; On others, forget about it.

The Pros: Give credit where it's due...
The Nexus is much nicer than the S2
The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has some incredible specs, such as an HD screen (which is truly incredible to look at), a pretty fast processor and a nice frame. The frame makes it more resistant to drops and scratches than the iPhone 4s, because we're all clumsy, let's face it. I must also admit that Samsung did a better job on the design of the phone, because frankly their Galaxy S2 looks like the biggest geek phone around (See the picture on your right). The processor allows you to swipe through web pages, applications, games and instant messaging without any problems. It also has some really impressive applications. Hell, you can unlock your phone by smiling at it! Now that's cool! Just don't get plastic surgery, you'll lose access to your phone forever. I also noticed the call quality being really good.

The Cons: Uh-Oh...
The problem with all these great specs is that this was all expected from the Galaxy Nexus. This was supposed to make Android > Apple. You would think that Samsung would make sure there are no issues with their flagship phone, right? Wrong. Looking at he following problems, the phone looks less and less like an iPhone 4s competitor.

Just look at the camera for starters. This is a flagship phone. It has a 5 megapixel camera. There are phones with 12 megapixel cameras out there. How does this make sense? The screen is in HD, but the pictures are not. Fine, the camera does videotape in HD, but Samsung could have definitively done a better job on their camera.

I read that the Galaxy Nexus has 5 hours of battery life. Unless you find it cool to have your phone charging during the day, this really sucks. The iPhone battery lasts over 60% longer than the Galaxy Nexus. When people asked for solutions for their terrible battery life, the main solution offered was to buy an extra battery (70-100$). In other words, owners of the phone will either have to carry the charger around or buy an extra battery. Either way, it's inconvenient.

The other main issue is it's compatibility. Many Android applications are not made specifically for the Galaxy Nexus or it's new 4.0 platform, thus take advantage of its great specs. In other words, you're paying to get a phone with all these cool features but only a few applications integrate those features. That's definitively something that will get better over time but still, by the time the issue is fixed, something better will be out.

The Verdict
Sure, the Galaxy Nexus is a great phone. It's probably the bets Samsung phone ever made. However, due to the incredible expectations surrounding the phone upon its release, the Galaxy Nexus is somewhat of a failure. It was supposed to be perfect and it's far from it. Why did Samsung allow the Galaxy Nexus to release with battery issues? Probably because they had to meet their deadlines. It was either going to be "Samsung doesn't respect its deadlines" or "There are problems with my Nexus". Hopefully, Samsung will be able to improve the battery life with an update, but I'm sure that if they would have postponed the release by a couple of weeks, the Nexus would have a much better battery life. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Official Mobile App Now Available!

It is with an immense pleasure that I notify you that the first official RightPhone mobile application has been officially launched for Android and Windows smartphones.

To get the free app, just send an email to getrightphoneapp@gmail.com and you will get your free app within 24 hours! You can even download the application on the Android Market (Just click on the link).

Or, if you have any smartphone, Apple and Blackberry included, just scan the QR code on the right to download the free online application!

It's been a great experience so far, thank you for all your support!